Day 352 of 365



Missed last week’s Photojournalism class due to high spirits and good food at the wedding.
The assignment dealt with capturing differences in shooting daylight versus night-light.
Standing at the feet of Samuel Champlain at Nepean Point, looking across the mighty Ottawa, to the government buildings next to the Museum of Civilization (or whatever it is in its reincarnation).



Day 319 of 365

Zoom flash

Zoom flash

Second class for Photojournalism.
The idea is to add dynamism to normal portraits.

Assignment: shoot one picture of subject using last week’s guidelines, reduce shutter speed and make necessary adjustments – then shoot again introducing motion. The subject must be in a dark spot. Set focus to manual. The flash will freeze the subject while ambient lighting illuminates the background.

Day 297 of 365



No self respecting set of images is complete without a puff of smoke.
Snooted flash, high beam flashlight, silver reflector, ISO 6400, f8, 1/250.
4 incense sticks stuck in a potato for stability, shoot until the rain forced me inside.
Add a bit of luck & the stew is done.

Day 245 of 365


This gallery contains 4 photos.

Saturday PM – a no rain, low heat, low humidity, no ambition for yard work day. Took a drive eastward, ended up on the islands of Long Sault. Heading home, we saw a sunset, then the Ogdensburg-Prescott bridge near Johnstown. … Continue reading

Day 231 of 365

Bridge mover 1

Bridge mover – 1

One shot bridge replacement.
This rig is run by electric motors with a top speed of about 10 ft./minute.
The carrier is designed to hold over-weight loads – in this case a bridge replacement. The bridge is pre-built then moved into place overnight. This reduces downtime for the roadway. Lots of gawkers on hand for the show.
Additional shots to complete the story:

Bridge mover - 2

Bridge mover – 2

Bridge mover - 3

Bridge mover – 3