Day 365 Plus 1


New blog – Carrying on:

It’s been a week since I finished up here. Unwilling to put the camera away, I did take a few days off & caught up with stuff that got ignored during the daily chase. The urge to shoot, however, is strong & I have been out & about.

I’ve been casting about looking for a project to sink my teeth into and, until I settle on one, will take a more leisurely approach to shooting. To that end, and to keep this last year separate from anything else, I have started another blog.

I had intended to spend a lot of words talking about what I learned in the past year. On reflection, though, I think that each of us who embarks on a journey will find that it is one of self discovery. Each day is another opportunity and making the most out of each one will yield results that are personal. If I can share the stories and visions along the way, I’m satisfied. So, in the words of the infamous Brian – ‘Carry On’.



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