Day 43 of 365




Went dog walking at Conroy Pit – a dog’s paradise.
Miles of trails, a whole messa dogs, off leash, etc.
Watched the owners (at least half of them) leisure walk, sipping their double latte mocha chocolate framboise cappuccinos. Seems there’s a Tim’s at the Esso station right next to the entrance.

This is Elly – my sister’s constant companion.


Day 38 of 365 – Christmas

Christmas - 2012

Christmas – 2012

Christmas day.

My sister spent a 12 hour day, Christmas eve, running her gourmet food business and making sure her customers got their xmas goodies. She & hubby hosted both a raucous Christmas eve and a somewhat quieter Christmas day with all the trimmings. Cooking, entertaining, support & backup – a much appreciated effort all around.

Before the yankee swap, a formal portrait of friends and family.

Learning something again – lighting. Main flash to the left, fill flash from the on board camera, no reflector, dodge & burn the darker areas, tone down the lighter ones.

Day 37 of 365



Christmas eve day. Busy, last minute stuff. Caught the cats doing cat stuff, which is usually lounging about, checking things out from on high or napping.

So, cashed in another cat chip (got 4 do choose from).

Learning something, though. I’ve had this camera for 4 years & just found out I can adjust the intensity of the pop up flash. Good thing cats are patient or the flash testing would have killed the shot.

Day 36 of 365



My morning wake up is the morning paper with a couple of cups of joe. The local rag stopped the Sunday edition recently, so today I looked over some old photo mags.

I’ve seen several renditions of various body parts, but never paid much never mind. Now that the madness of the challenge is upon me, one image jumped out and decided to give it a shot (so to speak).

Window light, tripod mount, hunt & peck. A little tricky as I could not preview the image in real time – had to make several attempts while moving the model around to see what transpired. The camera is certainly unforgiving in capturing detail.

Day 34 of 365

First BIG snow

First BIG snow

Well, I woke up & the world is still here. I’m pretty sure that’s the world out there on the other side of the white curtain. In place of Armageddon, snowmageddon. 25-30 cm (10-12 in.) of the wet, heavy stuff predicted.

Took a walk in the woods across the way before the snow started falling off branches. Pretty hard slogging. Got some postcard type shots, maybe next year’s Christmas card.

I liked this fence line, so this is it for today. I tried brightening it up, darkening etc., but the low light / low contrast here really shows the way it was.