Day 365 of 365 – The Swan Song

The End

The End

Well, this is it. The final episode of a year long venture.

I wasn’t sure what the end would look like but, as chance would have it, I had spent the evening at Doug & Betty’s partying and making loud music with friends of 40+ years. In the cold, grey light of morning as I looked out the kitchen window, I saw this image & went after it. (Looks best in full screen.)

Symbolically – leaving the confines of the yard to strike out on another adventure. I won’t simply be wandering off into the sunset to disappear. I’ve decided to take on a project – yet to be defined – but it will involve people. People live their experiences and tell their stories. Maybe I can capture some of that.

The past year has been a challenge and a learning experience with the odd day (or days) of frustration and yearning for it to end, but mostly satisfaction at capturing some images that I like. I’ve learned a lot. I’ve achieved what I set out to do – reinvigorate my passion for shooting. Along the way I have realized that, as an art form, photography takes effort, knowledge and continual learning. As with a traditional art form, simply taking a picture or making marks on paper do not an artist make. The effort is a combination of indulging the artistic eye with as much background & technical information as one can possibly call on to make it work.

So, thank you to the folks who have shared my view of the world around me, have commented on it and have decided to follow this adventure. It’s been a kick start to whatever comes next. And it has been a heck of a documentary on one year of my life.

November 17, 2013


Day 34 of 365

First BIG snow

First BIG snow

Well, I woke up & the world is still here. I’m pretty sure that’s the world out there on the other side of the white curtain. In place of Armageddon, snowmageddon. 25-30 cm (10-12 in.) of the wet, heavy stuff predicted.

Took a walk in the woods across the way before the snow started falling off branches. Pretty hard slogging. Got some postcard type shots, maybe next year’s Christmas card.

I liked this fence line, so this is it for today. I tried brightening it up, darkening etc., but the low light / low contrast here really shows the way it was.