Day 360 of 365

360_D02_8818_webnewOttawa train station – ramp leading under the tracks to a boarding area.
I shot this location some years ago, but wanted a better light.

Day 356 of 365

356_D02_8271_webnewBehind the National Gallery is this thing – One Hundred Foot Line (2008). (The sky is a bit manipulated.)
Didn’t come down in the wind storm, so I guess it’s anchored properly.

Day 296 of 365

Stone Sculptures

Stone Sculptures

Stopped at Remic Rapids in the Ottawa river on the way to the season opener for the camera club. These stone sculptures, originally done every year by John FĂ©lice Ceprano (since deceased), are replaced every year by local folks looking to replicate (& honor) his work. Light painting on the front rocks. The foggy night adds to the ambiance.