Day 33 of 365

Dominion Observatory

Dominion Observatory

The Dominion Observatory, an astronomical observatory in Ottawa, Canada that operated from 1902 to 1970.

The observatory grew out of the Department of the Interior’s need for the precise coordinates and timekeeping that, at that time, could only come from an observatory.

The artsy brickwork is something to behold.

I’m watching the clock at it ticks down to the end of the world – actually, I’ll probably be asleep when it happens at 6:20 A.M. EST (or so) tomorrow (Friday).


Day 30 of 365

Glass, water & screen pattern.

Glass, water & screen pattern.

I’ve seen this done several times over the years, including 1 or 2 by a fellow club member who is also actively embroiled in the 365 challenge. Time to give it a shot.

I googled “textures & patterns” and borrowed a few likely candidates for my personal use (note the disclaimer).

I then blew them up to fit the screen I am using, put 2 glasses filled with water in front of the screen & moved them around to get some interesting refractions. Different textures produced some interesting results.

Today’s challenge included selecting a “best of”, but this guy won out.

Day 29 of 365

Museum of Civilization

Museum of Civilization

Once a month, the camera club organizes an outing to get folks out of the house who might otherwise stagnate. Tonight, the sign up list of 32 dwindled to a hardy 5. This was likely due to the freezing rain and cold, biting wind.

Parliament Hill was the target of this evening’s pleasure and it was done in jig time.

This is the Museum of Civilization, soon to be revamped, decked out for Christmas as seen from the top of the Hill.