Day 353 of 365

353_D02_8382_webnewJacobson’s on Beechwood opens its doors for its annual Christmas cheer evening.
A complete make over for the store is conducted each year to decorate for the season and reopens for an evening of drinks & sampling of its fine imported cheeses, gourmet foods and fashion accessories.
These cheerful staff make the shopping experience personal and fun.


Day 38 of 365 – Christmas

Christmas - 2012

Christmas – 2012

Christmas day.

My sister spent a 12 hour day, Christmas eve, running her gourmet food business and making sure her customers got their xmas goodies. She & hubby hosted both a raucous Christmas eve and a somewhat quieter Christmas day with all the trimmings. Cooking, entertaining, support & backup – a much appreciated effort all around.

Before the yankee swap, a formal portrait of friends and family.

Learning something again – lighting. Main flash to the left, fill flash from the on board camera, no reflector, dodge & burn the darker areas, tone down the lighter ones.