Day 72 of 365

The music room

The music room

I got a book on “Painting with Light” for Xmas.The basic process is that the camera is mounted on a tripod to shoot the same setting numerous times. The whole scene is shot in the dark. Small parts are lit individually to create a series of images. All images are then combined to make one picture, hopefully, illuminated in an interesting way.

Today (last night) I tested the theory by shooting a setting and lit the parts with a small flashlight. It’s more exacting than it seems at first. You have to pay attention to all the areas in the scene to make sure they are all covered. This takes about 3 tries for each “painted” area to get the best covered one.

The real time consumer is the post production. Each image is brought into Photoshop and selected (non lit) parts painted out using a mask. When done, the series is collapsed (flattened) to create the one picture.

Not quite what I expected – I was looking for more details & soft highlights. Can’t really see what’s being done until after it’s been shot. The author said that it would take time. This took 11 layers – 200MB. Maybe I won’t do too many of these.

Anyway, this is the music room. Guitars, cards, beer, etc. all happen here unless there’s kitchen stuff going on. The burn mark happened a couple of years ago when the hydro went out & candles were being used & I hadn’t noticed the smoke alarm batteries were low. House is still here – another bit of experience.


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