Day 322 of 365

Alisha & friend

Alisha & friend

A photo shoot with the Meetup group.
Alisha arranged with friends to bring their horses for an outing.


Day 252 of 365

Banana plane

Banana plane

Red Bull held a Flugtag event on Saturday on the Ottawa River by the Museum of Civilization. 90% + of the colorful entries plummet directly to the water on take off. This Banana boat plane actually glided for several seconds before touching down gently into the water.

Day 246 of 365

It was motocross weekend at the local Sand Del Lee race track.
After the first race, I had a scad of jump shots – not inspirational after the first few.
The start, however, was exciting with spills & chills.

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Lansdowne under construction

Lansdowne under construction

Lansdowne Park is a 40-acre historic sports, exhibition and entertainment facility
in the heart of the Glebe in Ottawa. In September 2007, cracks were found in Frank
Clair Stadium, necessitating the demolition of a portion of its south-side stands.

The City of Ottawa subsequently started a review to redevelop Lansdowne Park.
The redevelopment plan has been opposed by some Ottawa residents, particularly those
near the Lansdowne site. Heritage activists objected to a plan to move a heritage
building on the site.

The City of Ottawa web site on Lansdowne states simply:
Lansdowne is currently undergoing redevelopment to transform this public property
into a lively, pedestrian-oriented urban village and destination for events large
and small.

Construction will continue until 2014/2015 when Lansdowne will feature a refurbished
stadium and Civic Centre, a large urban park and a mixed-use area that includes
shops, offices and residences.

From one of the port holes in the constructin fence, workers can be seen laying out
new foundations.

Day 79 of 365

The gang

The gang

The Ottawa Senators hockey team hosts an annual charity event to support their Sens Foundation.

The 2013 Ferguslea Sens Soirée raised $255,000 in support of the region’s children and youth. Monies raised will support the Sens Foundation and their initiatives with youth mental health and addictions, pediatric healthcare programs and outdoor community rink construction projects.

More than 700 guests along with Senators players, members of the coaching staff and management, attended this year’s event, which was themed Graffiti, at Gatineau’s Hilton Lac-Leamy. The players and their significant others hosted a variety of games while interacting with guests during the cocktail reception. Graffiti artists and entertainment groups Ottawa Urban Arts, DJ Calkuta, DJ J.E.T.S. and the Breadcrumb Crew provided the entertainment.

Ottawa Urban Arts (OAU) made up entire walls of graffiti on faux brick, worked on 4 canvases during the reception and created 2 large canvases on stage as guests enjoyed dinner, all of which were donated to the event. Today’s pic is of the entertainment groups hamming it up in front of one of the creations by OUA.

The sens take on the event can be seen here:

Ottawa Urban Arts has their site here:

Day 71 of 365

Speed Skating

Speed Skating

The Provincial Long Track speed skating championships were held this weekend at the Brewer Oval, located, appropriately, at Brewer Park. Long Track skaters use outside ice due to the size required and Short Track is usually held on hockey rink ice.

Photographically, Long Track is great for capturing speed and detail – especially on a sunny day, but the action suffers from there being only 2 skaters and sweeping corners. Short Track has the excitement of bunches of skaters fighting for position, swooping low into tight corners with hands extended to the ice surface, but suffers from hockey rink lighting.

Anyway, I lucked out with this shot. This is Kevin Frost, a Canadian skater with Olympic ambitions (and he is fast). There are only two things in his way — Usher Syndrome and the International Paralympic Committee’s failure to recognize deaf-blind speed skating as a sport.

Did I mention he’s fast? He was half a track ahead of his competitor after 2 laps.

Day 68 of 365



Took a detour off one of the main drags, Hunt Club Rd., onto Knoxdale ‘long about sundown. The inflatable Superdome houses 3 indoor fields (good for soccer, frisbee, etc.), including a golf driving range. Made an interesting study in the way shadows affect accentuate shape and add to the illusion of depth.

One of the interesting side effects of this shot-a-day business is being a tourist in your own town & discovering some fun things to add to the agenda. Golf in -24C weather? Great.