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Speed Skating

Speed Skating

The Provincial Long Track speed skating championships were held this weekend at the Brewer Oval, located, appropriately, at Brewer Park. Long Track skaters use outside ice due to the size required and Short Track is usually held on hockey rink ice.

Photographically, Long Track is great for capturing speed and detail – especially on a sunny day, but the action suffers from there being only 2 skaters and sweeping corners. Short Track has the excitement of bunches of skaters fighting for position, swooping low into tight corners with hands extended to the ice surface, but suffers from hockey rink lighting.

Anyway, I lucked out with this shot. This is Kevin Frost, a Canadian skater with Olympic ambitions (and he is fast). There are only two things in his way — Usher Syndrome and the International Paralympic Committee’s failure to recognize deaf-blind speed skating as a sport.

Did I mention he’s fast? He was half a track ahead of his competitor after 2 laps.