Day 138 of 365

At work - 2

At work – 2

Another environmental portrait for lighting class. I was in Canada Computers on Merivale Rd. and Keegan agreed to have his portrait done while assuming the pose.

All lighting at this end of the store is fluorescent. One of the items covered in class dealt with the gels that come with your nice new Nikon speedlight. Most people, apparently, don’t know what they are for and throw them in the bottom of a drawer. Well, I fished mine out and prepped the flash by covering it with the gel for fluorescent light, set the power to 1/64 and set the white balance on the camera to fluorescent. In the store, I put the flash on the counter aimed to bounce off the ceiling.

I had to preset the amount of fill flash because it was to be triggered as a slave
and the SB800 is not easy to change on the fly.

The image that came up on the screen was quite blue but, after resetting the WB to
daylight, everything turned the right color – no mixed light in the image. I like it
when things work out.