Day 70 of 365



The folks associated with the Habitat for Humanity, El Salvador Habitat building project are preparing to make another trip in March to help build new homes and whatever is needed. A fundraising dinner and auction was held tonight. The food was great, the auctioneering spirited and entertaining and the bidding generous.

Three different El Salvadorian dance teams provided added entertainment just before the auction started. These two were captured as they strutted the floor.

Experience again. In spite of previous episodes of a lapse of focus, the camera was left abandoned on the studio floor. On the trip outward, a beautiful, partly cloud covered moonrise was missed (well, it’s still in my mind’s eye). Cellphone technology came to the rescue for this image as the only lens I had handy this night. Luck was pretty much with me as anyone who has tried for precision shooting with a cell phone can attest.