Day 137 of 365

At work

At work

Last night’s lighting class was all lecture – small flash use.
Homework assignments over the next 2 weeks are to shoot a series of images using small flash as supplementary light. In addition, the final assignment is to create a magazine cover using 1 or more of the images from the course.

One of the assignments is an environmental portrait – people in their environment. This is a first crack with Cassandra and Mike working on their own art project.

Window light is from the right, fill light is from 1 flash (at 1/128 power) in the
opening to the kitchen highlighting the wall and a 2nd flash (at 1/8 power) directly
in front of the subjects illuminating the black equipment on the table.

A couple of days ago, I tried to replicate an image by Olive Cotton – glasses – and
mused that she must have used a brighter, more distant light source to get the sharp
shadows. This morning as the java was cooling, I discovered that I was right. The
sun was beating in my window lighting up my glasses. No NIK help – just a simple B&W conversion.

Glasses 2

Glasses 2


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