Day 122 of 365


Butterfly lighting

Back to lighting class.

Tonight was portraiture. As I had been away for 3 classes, I missed something.
Fortunately, one of the lab partners had brought a model & she agreed to sit for a
few shots. I like the Mona Lisa smile.

There are 5 basic lighting techniques to shoot for – this is the butterfly (small
shadow under the nose looks like a butterfly).

Day 121 of 365

Fuel tanks

Fuel tanks

Fuel storage tanks on Hunt Club Rd.

Years ago, Hunt Club was a short run off Merivale Rd. & these tanks skirted the city
limits. As expansion pushed outward, Hunt Club became a major East-West thoroughfare
& the tanks are now being criticized by some as eyesores & dangerous to the ground water.

The company that owns them takes great care to protect the immediate environment.

Day 119 of 365



2 bent pins in the camera memory card slot. $200 per pin to repair plus downtime. A 5 year old D300, gotta figure whether the fix is worth it or to just go ahead and upgrade (or both  đŸ˜‰ ). Upgrade, of course, means eventually getting new lenses as this would be a DX to FX upgrade. Well, the old ones will work, but would not take advantage of the full capability. Rats!

Recovered my original D70 from storage. Batteries were pretty flat, etc. but it’s up
and running. This is the test shot of a living room lamp. And I’m all caught up on my pic o’ the day – just in time for St. Paddy’s.

Day 115 of 365

Museum of the American Indian

National Museum of the American Indian

Spent the day in Washington. Wanted to see the White House (didn’t), the Washington Monument & reflecting pool. The pool was dry – probably for winter & the monument was under repair. Interestingly, the classic pictures of the monument with the reflecting pool in front is a bit misleading. There is the Second World War memorial, a roadway and park in front of the Washington memorial. Those images are a trick of the photographer’s lens. Because of this, it took a while to find the pool.

Anyway, we did tour the Smithsonian. It includes 19 museums and galleries and the National Zoological Park gathered around a central park – the National Mall. Each building is huge, housing its own theme and they are all free.

This image is of the entrance to the National Museum of the American Indian. A
number of firms were involved in the architectural design, one of which was Douglas
Cardinal, architect for the Canadian Museum of Civilization in Gatineau, QC.

After this we toured the Air and Space Museum & the Museum of Natural History. Impressive displays throughout with quality artifacts.

Day 114 of 365



Road running from Florence, SC to Alexandria, VA. Plan to spend some time in Washington, DC tomorrow, maybe drop in on the pres for a spot of tea.

This shopping spot in Dillon, SC can be seen from the highway from miles away as the water tower size Mexican Hat looms over everything. It covers several acres with shops, restaurants & kiddie rides. The slogan “Peso Little” is everywhere. Pretty much a bunch of low priced tourist stuff – mostly for kids.