Day 126 of 365

Central precast

Central precast

Still experimenting with a different image capture mechanism.  🙂

Established in 1956, Central Precast Inc. began manufacturing precast concrete
products for the general construction industry. This thing sticks out like a sore thumb (strange expression) towering over Merivale Rd.

Day 125 of 365



Loew’s has built a new super-size store on Hunt Club – a fast growing extension of Merivale Rd. In other words – we’re being surrounded by mega retail concerns. Good
for proximity shopping, but a blight on the landscape.

This detail is from the roof of another building going up on the same lot. Just test
driving an upgrade to the ol’ standby D70.

Day 124 of 365

Lansdowne under construction

Lansdowne under construction

Lansdowne Park is a 40-acre historic sports, exhibition and entertainment facility
in the heart of the Glebe in Ottawa. In September 2007, cracks were found in Frank
Clair Stadium, necessitating the demolition of a portion of its south-side stands.

The City of Ottawa subsequently started a review to redevelop Lansdowne Park.
The redevelopment plan has been opposed by some Ottawa residents, particularly those
near the Lansdowne site. Heritage activists objected to a plan to move a heritage
building on the site.

The City of Ottawa web site on Lansdowne states simply:
Lansdowne is currently undergoing redevelopment to transform this public property
into a lively, pedestrian-oriented urban village and destination for events large
and small.

Construction will continue until 2014/2015 when Lansdowne will feature a refurbished
stadium and Civic Centre, a large urban park and a mixed-use area that includes
shops, offices and residences.

From one of the port holes in the constructin fence, workers can be seen laying out
new foundations.

Day 122 of 365


Butterfly lighting

Back to lighting class.

Tonight was portraiture. As I had been away for 3 classes, I missed something.
Fortunately, one of the lab partners had brought a model & she agreed to sit for a
few shots. I like the Mona Lisa smile.

There are 5 basic lighting techniques to shoot for – this is the butterfly (small
shadow under the nose looks like a butterfly).

Day 121 of 365

Fuel tanks

Fuel tanks

Fuel storage tanks on Hunt Club Rd.

Years ago, Hunt Club was a short run off Merivale Rd. & these tanks skirted the city
limits. As expansion pushed outward, Hunt Club became a major East-West thoroughfare
& the tanks are now being criticized by some as eyesores & dangerous to the ground water.

The company that owns them takes great care to protect the immediate environment.