Day 124 of 365

Lansdowne under construction

Lansdowne under construction

Lansdowne Park is a 40-acre historic sports, exhibition and entertainment facility
in the heart of the Glebe in Ottawa. In September 2007, cracks were found in Frank
Clair Stadium, necessitating the demolition of a portion of its south-side stands.

The City of Ottawa subsequently started a review to redevelop Lansdowne Park.
The redevelopment plan has been opposed by some Ottawa residents, particularly those
near the Lansdowne site. Heritage activists objected to a plan to move a heritage
building on the site.

The City of Ottawa web site on Lansdowne states simply:
Lansdowne is currently undergoing redevelopment to transform this public property
into a lively, pedestrian-oriented urban village and destination for events large
and small.

Construction will continue until 2014/2015 when Lansdowne will feature a refurbished
stadium and Civic Centre, a large urban park and a mixed-use area that includes
shops, offices and residences.

From one of the port holes in the constructin fence, workers can be seen laying out
new foundations.


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