Day 119 of 365



2 bent pins in the camera memory card slot. $200 per pin to repair plus downtime. A 5 year old D300, gotta figure whether the fix is worth it or to just go ahead and upgrade (or both  😉 ). Upgrade, of course, means eventually getting new lenses as this would be a DX to FX upgrade. Well, the old ones will work, but would not take advantage of the full capability. Rats!

Recovered my original D70 from storage. Batteries were pretty flat, etc. but it’s up
and running. This is the test shot of a living room lamp. And I’m all caught up on my pic o’ the day – just in time for St. Paddy’s.


1 thought on “Day 119 of 365

  1. Hi Paul,
    Sorry to hear about your camera but remember sometimes the universe may be telling us its time to upgrade. Although, sometimes certain aspects of the older one are better than the upgrade. It’s all a game of specs.
    Good luck and best wishes. -Steve

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