Day 61 of 365

Senators practice

Senators practice

Started a class in printmaking last night. One of the topics that came up was the issue of misrepresentation in photography. This is a thorny issue with many nuances. There was one example discussed where the winner of a prize from National Geographic was subsequently disqualified for digitally removing a plastic garbage bag from the image. A comment was made that if the bag has been simply darkened, the image would have been acceptable.

A camera is just not capable of recording what the eye sees, or thinks it sees. Some post production is always needed to enhance the image. In my mind, the real issue arises when the photographer intentionally tries to mislead the viewer. Cropping & color management are acceptable to give the image some oomph. Some artistic interpretation is also acceptable if it is apparent.

The Ottawa Senators practiced yesterday before leaving for Edmonton to play the season’s first official game. Here, the coach looks on with approval as the stop made.

1 thought on “Day 61 of 365

  1. Great points also it has been said that the mere act of looking at something can and does change it. Photography today is an ever changing art form with ever changing tools. There are many hangers on to the past but I like to be here now. Thanks for the great post!

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