Day 59 of 365

Another sunset

Another sunset

There’s a theory that, when you’re going someplace (like downtown), you think of where you’re going and imagine that your parking spot is reserved, and someone is holding it for you until you arrive. When you get there, they will pull out and you pull in. I’ve tried it and it does seem to work. I know, but it does work – try it – but not for my spot.

Anyway, I’ve been working the theory for my photo a day. Today was a typical mid-January winter day. Not nasty enough to make for moody shots, not bright enough to lighten the mood. Just a dull, grey lifeless mid-winter day. I wonder if I’ve moaned about this before. On my travels, I started out in different directions from my intended route a couple of times, just to see if I might get lucky. You know, looking for the magic. Each time I thought I’d better just work the theory and turned back to resumed my trek.

As I lined up at the Hunt Club Bridge in rush hour traffic for the final turn homeward, I looked right & saw this. It’s not a parking spot and it’s not art but if I had played the “traffic butt in” game I would have missed it.


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