Day 18 of 365

Dunbar Bridge, Ottawa

Dunbar Bridge, Ottawa

The Dunbar Bridge crosses the Rideau River right around Carleton University. Access from Brewer Park brings you to Ottawa’s largest legal graffitti wall under the bridge.

Brewer Park is home to the Annual House of Paint Hip Hop Festival ( Urban artists gather once a year to celebrate a positive hiphop community with a block party style festival. At this event in 2011, the underbelly of the Dunbar Bridge was covered with art from 75 graffiti artists from around North America.

I am learning as I go. Today I learned (again) to take a tripod along when going into a low light situation. Under a bridge is always low light. Anyway, thanks to lens stabilization features and forgiving software that aligns multiple images, my hand held series of 3 shots, 1 f-stop apart, made this HDR image work.



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