Day 12 of 365

Charley plays the Carleton Tavern

Charley plays the Carleton Tavern

A mulligan for this day

A mulligan for this day

Went to a charity fund raiser last night at the Carleton Tavern put on by some of the folks from Ottawa Inner City Health.

This organization looks to provide support and services to the chronically homeless to help maintain and improve their health. The fundraiser was to raise enough money to provide Christmas for these souls.

Unfortunately, I managed to download the images to my backup drive which, when it ran the backup this morning, deleted the files as they were not mirrored on the C: drive. Oh the vagaries of automated software. Since I formatted the memory card before going out today, I have to find a recovery program to retrieve the images.

The only saving grace is that I sent this one image to Charley before setting out this morning and managed to recover it from my e-mail “sent” folder.

Anyway, the music was varied and all great with several artists contributing their talents to this cause.

Dec. 16: Recovered the lost images. Taking a mulligan on this entry. I like the mood this evokes, it gets to share space with Charley.  😉


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