Day 10 of 365

James Hall – CCO president 2012 – 2013

Stopped at the fuel storage depot on Hunt Club Rd. to shoot the tanks in late afternoon sun. Some interesting patterns & stains. Was politely asked to not post the photos as there is concern about potential fallout. Scrapped that idea.

Word is getting out that some of the camera club members have already, are just now and/or are thinking of taking on the 365 challenge. Andre G has 5 weeks to go and has about exhausted his bag of tricks. An impromptu 365 SIG met at the Tuesday night beer SIG at Whisper’s to share ideas.

I’m already running short of ideas after 1 week. Mostly, I’ve been shooting on the fly & getting lucky with weather & opportunities. Talking shop over beer is a great way to work things out.

Since my earlier attempt for the shot of the day went awry, I took the opportunity to shoot James, the Camera Club of Ottawa (CCO) president, with a little help from my friends.

Lighting using cell phones – main light to the right and positioned to minimize interference from the shadow from the glasses, fill light pointed at back wall to provide separation. Even got catch lights. Hand held, f4.2, 1/15 sec. spot metered on the right cheek ISO 6400.

Only as we were leaving did I notice that the polarizing filter was still on the lens from shooting the tanks, cutting available light and possibly glare (from cell phone lights?). Interesting what you learn as you go along – especially what works in spite of potential glitches.


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