Day 7 of 365

The Dance

Rounding out the first week.
Another cold, grey, lifeless November day. The worst part of winter is the lack of sunshine.

Almost didn’t make today’s pic. Decided to experiment a little. For this image, a glass of water & food coloring.

Setup was a learning experience. First attempt was to light the glass directly, assuming that the light would go through the glass and just light up the colour. Hmmm. A quick visit to google to search out tips on lighting glass fixed the reflection problem.

A white background (not black as with the first try), light directed at the background, barn doors to stop light leak onto the lens, black matt board under the glass and opposite the light. Macro lens on tripod, swirl, drop the colour and shoot.

The image is a bit fuzzy due to inaccurate focus. What I saw through the lens was sharp. Some more experimenting needed – maybe more light to allow better & quicker focus.
Of the 200 images snapped, this one came out on top. A graceful dance.

Nardin used the analogy of water mixing to explain her theory of life to our daughter. Basically, that we are part of the eternal (force?). This existence is a separation from the whole and we eventually return to the mix. The food colouring represents the experiences that we bring back to the mix. End of philosophy 101 for today.


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