Day 5 of 365

Elmdale Tavern, Ottawa

Another beautiful November day in Ottawa. Getting repetitious. Sun, high of 13C. Not hard to take. Pretty sure I’ve said this already. Oh well.

Tomorrow promises to be a nasty, seasonable November day, so things are about to change.

Weather changes in the pictures won’t show up right away. I’m actually 1 day behind in posting. That means that tomorrow’s post was done today and reported tomorrow. Pics and are taken and comments added daily but heck, I’m retired. No point in stressing. When I get lost, I just go for a beer and wait it out.

Which brings me to today’s image.

The Elmdale Tavern, a venerable landmark of 78 years and home to the odd late night revelry, is about to change hands on January 1. Plans for the future are still up in the air, but the new owners say it will continue as before, but with fewer musical soirees.

So, the disappearing model in the image represents the demise of a favorite haunt of many music fans who also happen to like beer. Since it was dark & a long exposure was called for, I volunteered to step in front of the camera for a cameo appearance.


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