Day 4 of 365

Detailing the mural

Another beautiful November day in Ottawa. Getting repetitious. Sun, high of 10C. Not hard to take.

I just noticed that the date stamp on this entry is wrong – well, it’s right for the default time zone. Reset to EST.

Today was productive image-wise. I got 5 winners – and as I’m the judge, they all get top marks. Picking one was the hard part. šŸ˜‰ The interesting thing is that I was having fun and the shooting was somewhat effortless. I’m sure there is some psychological connection, however …

Foster’s Sports on Bank St. at McLaren wears a new mural on the South facing wall. The design has quirky characters on bikes and a bold set of lettering.

Design and execution is by local artistic entrepreneurs and partners Cassandra and Mike operating under the moniker: Style Over Status

Here Cassandra puts some finishing touches on the mural as the waning rays of the late November sun light up her work.

For some of their work:

btw, you can click on any image to view the full size version.


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