Hello world!

365 Challenge
A self motivated challenge to take a picture a day for 365 days.
The images will be posted to a (blog, website, …) as time permits; however, the challenge is to take a picture each day without reverting to previous images or catching up.
After much dithering, I committed to this daily challenge, mostly to get motivated & back on track.




6 thoughts on “Hello world!

  1. Hello again, Paul!
    Caught up on your last week or so of photos…you write about the weather so much because it’s all about light and from all I’ve seen, you have a remarkable knack for knowing how to use that light for your shots. For the past fourteen years I’ve had to do a lot of driving in my job and the weather and scenery has been so spectacular, I’ve actually stopped to stare because the view has taken my breath away. You’re lucky to be able to catch it on film. I have to rely on a memory that will let me down some day. Keep up the great work. Judy

    • Thanks for the observation, Judy. I think that, after chasing the elusive masterpiece for so long, one may get a tad self critical. I must admit, I’ve been lucky getting a ray of sunshine when needed the most. The rest of the time, I just gripe about the weather because I’m Canadian and it’s there. 😉
      BTW, I have several magical moments in memory that are there just because I didn’t have a camera and I had to capture the moment with my eye. They are the most vivid pictures I have.

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