Day 1 of 365

Model provided by Westcott Co. at Henry’s Imaging Expo, Ottawa 2012

Having heard of the challenge and considered it, my greatest challenge at this point is to get started. I am aware of what’s ahead – lethargy, bad weather, no subject matter – all valid & equally frivolous excuses.

In the beginning of my digital age, I had my camera with me constantly and shot daily to the exclusion of much else in my life. The challenge ahead will be partly the daily grind and partly a challenge to include the other activities that need tending to.

This first entry was taken at the Henry’s Exposure photographic exhibit at the CA centre on Uplands Drive, Ottawa. This marked the first time in years that this event was held in Ottawa. The model was provided by FJ Westcott Co., a lighting vendor. Shooters were welcome to jump in and shoot away. This was shot on day 3 of the Henry’s event when I decided to finally take up the challenge.


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